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January 2011

Getting to the Top of Google Tips: SEO Basics

by Galyna on January 22, 2011

Google search engine accounting for 65% of more that 15 billion searches in the US. The essential goal of the every website is to be shown up at the at least TOP 10 results in Google.

Time to time Google is changing and improving it’s ranking system. Some tips stays the same each time but some are new. [click to continue…]


When to Tweet to Make Money on Twitter

by Galyna on January 2, 2011

What is the best time to reach the most Twitter users?

If you are using tweeter to make money on the Internet, you probably already put some thoughts into 140 symbols to make your message more effective and attract more visitors to your web-site.

But if you are really serious about that, you also should pay attention to other factors that make sure that your message is effective and not simply being ignored.
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