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October 2011

How to Check if Google Has Indexed a Webpage

by Galyna on October 29, 2011

This tip is useful for two important reasons.
It’s essential for SEO specialists to know if and when Google has indexed a webpage or website.
1. Sometimes we have created a website and wondering why my website is not ranking anywhere… The reason can be simple, – Googlebot has not come to a webpage yet and just don’t know about it.
2. You are building, and building, and building all those backlinks to your website… But does Google even know about them? Backlinks that has not been indexed is on of the main reasons why your backlinking efforts are wasted and website is not ranking as it suppose to.

How G can rank your website higher if it does not know about all those backlinks?

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How to Display Current Date on WordPress Page or Post

by Galyna on October 28, 2011

Sometimes you need to show current date on your page or post of WordPress blog.
You can often see it on affiliate products pages. It makes your website look current and like it’s updated daily.

Here is step-by-step guide how to do that:
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Who to Follow on Twitter to Be Aware of Updates from Google

by Galyna on October 20, 2011

Twitter accounts every Internet Marketer MUST-Follow

If you have to do anything with Search Engine Optimization and/or making money on Internet, you should follow Google on Twitter. Google has dozens of official Twitter accounts for almost any service they have.
This is the list of Official Google’s Twitter accounts that post news and updates related to SEO, SEM and other Internet Marketing related news. [click to continue…]


October 13, 2011 Panda Update – Google Traffic Dropped 80%

by Galyna on October 17, 2011

Google has released another Panda Update they called “mini”. This Panda Update affected approximately 10% of all websites (that is over 18 million websites). Not so mini, ha?

Ok, I got a problem… 2 of my websites that had decent traffic got slapped by Google. It happened overnight on October 13.
I just found out that it was “mini” Panda update. It was confirmed by Matt Cutts on his Twitter.

Matt Cutts Tweet about Google Panda Update

Google has changed it’s algorithms and it affected me badly…

Does this Panda Update affected your websites?
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How to Make Redirect from Www to Non-www: 301 Redirect

by Galyna on October 15, 2011

To receive all link juice to one place it’s better to have only one version of your website address: either or just

Here is the simple instruction how to make 301 redirect from www to non-www (or vise verse).
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Google Panda Update 2.5: September 28, 2011

by Galyna on October 2, 2011

Google released another Panda Update

Google keeps tweaking it’s algorithm, and another Google Panda Update was released at the end of September 2011.

Panda Updates has the goal to give users better quality search results, by lowering the rank of so called Content Farms. Content Farms are website with lot of content, often user generated. Content Farms usually produce thousands of webpages each day. Which makes Google doubt the quality of these webpages.

Websites that got hit by Panda Update saw huge traffic decrease up to 93%. [click to continue…]


Niche Websites Examples

by Galyna on October 1, 2011

While researching niche websites, very often I come across niche websites with exact keyword domain name that rank on the first page of Google.

I will post those websites in this article so you can take a look and see yourself, how niche websites look alike.

Electric Fry Pans – this one is optimized for Amazon and the author decided to post a link to his own website. He happend to be successful affiliate Matt Carter. [click to continue…]