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November 2011

6 Free Tools to Check Your Website Rankings (SERPs)

by Galyna on November 17, 2011

Checking your website position (SERPs) manually is not only boring and time-consuming process but also can be deceiving.

When you check your position in Google there are few things that influence it:

– Where are you located? Google (and probably other SE too) look at your IP and based on it shows you results related to your location. What that’s mean is that even if your website is targeting United States visitors, if you are located in India or Russia, Google may still show you results related to your location.
– If you are signed it with G account, all kinds of things get on your way to determine correct rankings. Those are factors like Google Plus, your previous search experience etc
– SERPs will differ if you use comparing to let’s say

Free tools that I use to check my websites’ rankings or SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position)

1. Rank Checker Firefox Add-on from

It is very convenient tool that works with multiply websites and keywords. [click to continue…]


3 Free Tools to Get Backlinks with Social Bookmarking

by Galyna on November 16, 2011

This a list of free tools to get backlinks with social bookmarking.

1. SocialMonkee
SocialMonkee allows you to add 25 inbound links every day for one webpage. Premium version allows to add 100 backlinks for up to 3 links everyday. That is 300 social bookmarks every day. Bookmarks distributed to their own bookmarking sites network and does not require to register on any these sites. You’ll need just one account – at SocialMonkee
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Google Page Rank Update November 7-8, 2011

by Galyna on November 8, 2011

Google just updated the Page Rank in chrome Toolbar.

One of my 1-month old sites got PR2 which is unbelievable because it is not even ranking yet.

Please share who got what? 🙂