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February 2012

Google Panda & Link Evaluation Ranking Factor Update – February 27, 2012

by Galyna on February 28, 2012

Not only Google updated it’s Panda (3.3), but it also turned off one misterios ranking factor that was used for years.

This can drastically change the way SEO works. What exactly Google did? Nobody knows and Internet Marketers are guessing as always…

The misterios ranking factor that is missing now was named “Google Link Evaluation Factor”.  [click to continue…]

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Keyword Research Infographics

by Galyna on February 24, 2012

Keyword Research Infographics by Promodo
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What to Do to Be in Google Plus Box

by Galyna on February 17, 2012

If you want to be on the first page of Google, read this!

Recent report about Google Plus Box Ranking Factors Report by Ian Lurie opens up some secrets about how profiles and pages are ranked in Google Plus Box.

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Pinterest and SEO

by Galyna on February 17, 2012

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network.

Why Pinterest?

• Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined
• Pinterest Rate of Referral Now Close to Twitter, Google+
• Pinterest Hits 10 Million U.S. Monthly Uniques Faster Than Any Standalone Site Ever

If you are not using Pinterest I highly recommend that you jump on board right away. I really started to pay attention to this new network when I’ve notice some referral traffic coming in to my websites from Pinterest. And I didn’t even do anything to make it happened. [click to continue…]


Come in, AdSense Robot: How to Make Ads More Relevant

by Galyna on February 10, 2012

Today I’ve received a letter from AdSense team with suggestions that can increase the relevancy of my AdSense ads.
They’ve detected “large number of failed ad crawls” on one of my niche websites and suggested to make some changes in Robots txt.

They recommended to add the following line to my robots.txt so AdSense robots can crawl my pages better.

“To fix this, you’ll need to edit your robots.txt file to allow our AdSense crawler by adding these two lines to the very top.” [click to continue…]


How Exactly Google Makes Money and How You Can Benefit from It

by Galyna on February 8, 2012

Let’s proceed straight to the numbers.

97% of Google’s revenue made from advertising.
That is 32.2 billion dollars.

If you are new to the whole Internet Marketing thing and belong to people who still have doubts that there is money to be made online, I think those numbers talk for themselves.

If you are already on your way of making money online, here is how you can learn from this. [click to continue…]


Google Page Rank Update – February, 6, 2012

by Galyna on February 6, 2012

Today, February 6, 2012 Google has updated it’s Page Rank (PR). Its 2012 first PR update. Congratulations to those who’s PR got up and an advice to don’t bother for others.

Every three month (4 times a year) Google updates it’s Page Rank. Actually it’s changing constantly, but Page Rank toolbar is updated only few times a year. There is one thing you have to know about Page Rank, – as some webmasters say:

Will exchange my Page Rank for traffic.

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How to Apply for Infolinks Affiliate Program

by Galyna on February 5, 2012

If you are searching for Infolinks  affiliate program, you’ve probably notice that they don’t have usual page for affiliates anywhere on their website. However they do do have their partner program running.
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Social Media Explained As Simply As Could Be

by Galyna on February 5, 2012

My friend just send me this image and I wanted to share it with you. This I would say the simpliest way to explain different social networks.
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