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March 2012

SocialADR Special Offer: 50% Bonus Credits Coupon

by Galyna on March 28, 2012

With Google shifting it’s algorithms towards social signals it’s a good time to  automate your social backlinking. I use SocialADR to submit bookmarks to all major services. The best part about it is that SocialADR does not leave the footprint. All submitted bookmarks are manually shared by actual users.

Today is a great time to sign-up because they currently run a promotion: you can get 50% bonus credits. [click to continue…]


How to Link Google Adsense with Analytics

by Galyna on March 27, 2012

When I decided to connect my Adsense account to Analytics I started to look for a button that I can click and do that. It appeared that it is not easy to find and step by step tutorial either. So I wrote one. [click to continue…]


How I Launch WordPress Sites in Just 2 Minutes

by Galyna on March 25, 2012

In this video I show you step-by-step how I create WordPress site with one click in less than 2 minutes. And the best part is you don’t have to know anything about programming and things like FTP and zip files that you would have to deal otherwise if you chose to install WP blog manually.

How to install WordPress quickly

To do that you will need:


Panda 3.4 Is Out

by Galyna on March 24, 2012

Latest Panda algorithm update is out. As in all G’s updates, Panda 3.4 targets low-quality websites.
This announcement was made from an official Google account on Twitter @google.
By the way, here is a list of Twitter users you should follow to be aware of all future SEO updates.

Panda 3.4 Twitter Announcement

As for me, my websites’ rankings are bouncing South and North for few last weeks now. Now is a good time to not make any conclusions yet until G will finish their changes and everything is more stable.


Google’s Latest Changes: New SEO Rules Are Here

by Galyna on March 22, 2012

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Quality, made the bombshell announcement that Google will be “aggressively targeting”
blog networks who’s purpose is to create backlinks. This update is a major game changer for SEO industry.

What does this mean?

It means if any of you out there have bought links from “private” blog networks like Linkvana and Build My Rank, then you’re about to see your links go bye-bye. [click to continue…]


About Google Dance, Sandbox, Deindexing and Penalty

by Galyna on March 13, 2012

If your website disappeared from Google or rankings dropped drastically, here is what you should do.

If you ever watched your websites’ rankings closely you were at least wondering why your website is changing it’s position in G search results and sometimes even disappear. I personally have experienced this myself, when one day website is slowly claiming up and next day it’s nowhere to be found.

Here is how to determine whether website was Deindexed, Penalized (Manually or by Algorithm) or is it just a Google Dance or Sandbox. [click to continue…]