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August 2012

4 Highly Customizable WordPress Themes for Niche Websites

by Galyna on August 24, 2012

If you are looking for the perfect WordPress themes for your niche sites, look no further.

These four themes are perfect for your authority-style niche websites and blogs. They look professional and require little to none knowledge of coding to be modified. They can be easily customized within WordPress Dashboard.

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Google Analytics Basics: How to Add, Remove/Delete Websites and Accounts

by Galyna on August 19, 2012

Google Analytics interface can be sometimes confusing. Such basic functions such as adding and removing websites from your account can cause a bit of frustration. Especially when Google keep changing it’s interface often.

How to delete website from Google Analytics account:

If would like to get rid of a website in your GA account for any reason (you sold it, it expired ect) , here is how to remove site from GA step by step. [click to continue…]

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