5 Important Tips When Building Backlinks

by Galyna on September 19, 2011

In this article you will learn, why do you need to build quality of your backlinks.

Why you need backlinks

  • If you want to earn money from a website , you need traffic
  • The main traffic to a website comes from search engines
  • The more external quality links point to the website – the higher website ranks in search results

Building backlinks tips

Here are the basic tips for quality backlinking:
1. When a number of incoming links pointing to a webpage increases, webpage rank rises

This is because external links enhance the credibility of a website in Google’s eyes. Google sees those links and knows that if other people are quoting the website, that mean it has some valuable information and should be ranked higher in search results. This is the most important algorithm of Google called PR (Page Rank).

Important Tip
But not all backlinks are equally good for a website!

Some incoming links can even damage your ranking.  


2. You should avoid websites that link to your website but link to many other websites as well.

If your site has inbound links from such websites, then Google believes that the links are not honest. This link will not add weight to your site rank, and in the worst case Google will think you bought this links and website rankings can drop.

3. Backlinks from authority websites with high PR (Rage Rank) are more useful

It is better to get links from pages with high PR. Page Rank has 11 values, from 0 to 10. Where 10 is the largest PR.

4. Do not share links

Link exchange is not the best way of backlinking, because when you put on your site link back to the other – the importance of your webpage in Google’s eyes being reduced. Also, if Google finds a link back, it may not take such link in ranking

5. External link to your site should have the keywords or phrases that you want your website to be found

If your site is about low-calorie diet, it is better to have a reference like this: low-calorie diet   not like this  Click here
HOWEVER! The anchor text of your backlinks must vary!

If you have any questions about building quality backlinks – feel free to ask in comments!

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