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by Galyna on January 24, 2012

When it comes to the writing good quality content – some of us are having hard times.
There is new website, where you can buy quality articles for as low as $2 for 300 words.

And one more great and important feature – turnaround as fast as few minutes for an article.

At (not an affiliate link), the costs for getting articles are very cheap, and also you can get spinned version of the articles for free, with the original article.

So far, that is the cheapest course to get articles for a website, as I know.

They’re so affordable that you could easily buy the articles and then resell them as PLR articles and make a nice profit. The profit margin can be pretty good.

The website has enough writers, so when you just created a project, within minutes (!), someone give an article and the download link is posted directly inside your account.

The best thing is that you don’t have to take the article you don’t like. You can just reject it and within no time receive other version from the different author. In my case – I ordered three articles 500 symbols long, $3 each. I didn’t like one and rejected it in 30 minutes I received other article.

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