How to Add an Avatar (Gravatar) to Your Comments on WordPress Blogs

by Galyna on December 16, 2011

Ok, so pretty much every Internet Marketing blog I visit and comment I see people have their photos near their comments.
I decided to set-up one for myself and started to research on that topic.

This post is about how to set-up an avatar so when you comment on WordPress (com and org) blogs, – people would see your photo next to your name.

If you take a look at this screenshot below you’ll see that Trent has set-up his avatar. And that Alex has not. (Don’t pay attention to red color – it’s just I have no-follow links plugin in my Chrome). So if Alex would want to have his avatar to show up in comments, he would have to do the following.


Setting Up Gravatar on WordPress

Step-by-step Gravatar tutorial:
All blogs on has this feature called Gravatars.
1. Go to and sign up
2. Upload avatar
3. Add emails you want to associate with your avatar

Avatar will then appear on any WordPress blogs (com and org) where you comment and it is enabled.
Note: Theme has to support Gravatars, or as in my case you can download free plugin such as “Easy Gravatars” to enable this feature.

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1 Galyna 12.16.11 at 3:33 pm

testing Gravatar

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