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How to Make Tax-Exempt Purchases in Retail and Online Stores

by Galyna on February 16, 2015

Hi there! If you are selling online then you’ve probably heard about the possibility to avoid paying sales tax on purchases. This is true as long as you are buying things that you will resell later. This has been implemented by states to avoid so-called “double taxation”.

Different states has different sales tax and some don’t charge sales tax at all. To get more information regarding this, I recommend you checking in with your Department of State and with CPA.

Different stores have different procedures for selling their items without collecting sales tax and/or refunding it. It takes time to figure it all out and to comply. That’s why I’ve created this table below to help you with this task.
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Selling on Sears Marketplace: Setting Up New Account

by Galyna on February 16, 2015

About Sears Marketplace for sellers: 


$39.99 monthly fee will be waived if your sales do not reach $400 for the month. If you use their fulfillment services, you pay $39.99 monthly and that includes monthly selling fee. Other fees are monthly storage fees of $0.45-$0.60/cubic foot and various fulfillment fees.

Sears VS Amazon:

Sears Marketplace program is a lot like Amazon Seller program. They also offer fulfillment services with fees and procedure very similar to Amazon FBA.

The registration process is a bit longer and more complicated than with Amazon but still not too bad.



There are few steps to follow to open new account.

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