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by Galyna on December 3, 2011

There are two types of articles you need in Internet Marketing:

1. Articles for your own blog / niche website

2. Articles for article marketing

First type of articles should be really good quality and unique. I recommend to write them yourself or outsource to a good writer.

As for the content for article marketing, the main purpose of those is to get backlinks. While it is still recommended to have good quality articles, there is no way you will write truly unique content for each of hundreds article directories. However it does not mean you can start submitting meaningless robotic content to them. Article still MUST have sense and bring some value to the reader.

Why you need article spinning 

I’m sure you’ve seen articles writing and spinning software and online services everywhere. But not all of us can afford to spend money on it when we are just in the beginning of our “make money online” journey.

This is why I am giving you free tools that you can use for an article marketing. Some of them are not as good as paid software but some do exactly the same thing and at least give you an idea how paid tools work.

How to Write and Spin Articles For Free

1. First step is you need to write about 400 words article.
– Write it yourself
– Outsource writing
– Use free tool such as
I just recently discovered this free online tool that helps to get content for articles. But don’t forget to rewrite it a bit to make it more unique to avoid duplicated content.

2. Then you need to make this article spin-ready. You have to come up with synonyms for every other word but still make sure article is readable.

This is how it looks:

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Losing unwanted pounds can often be a struggle for people. They get frustrated easily and lose the personal motivation to go forward, simply because you have no direction.

SPIN-READY ARTICLE: {Losing|Reducing} {excessive|unwanted} {weight|pounds|kilos} can often be a {hard challenge|struggle} for {anybody|people}. They get {tired|frustrated} {fast|easily} and lose the personal motivation to {proceed|go forward}, {just|simply|only} because they {don’t see the|have no} {clear goal|direction}.

How to come up with synonyms?

I know there are bunch of “synonymizers” software that any can buy but you can also do it yourself for free. AND the quality of your article will be MUCH higher.
I use Microsoft Word. You just type the text, hover the mouse over word you want find synonym for and click on the right mouse button, go to “synonyms” and MS Word will suggest you. Pick few that make sense in your article and that’s it.

Now it takes me about 45 minutes to prepare my article for spinning. When I’m done I go here: copy and paste article and every time I click “spin now” button it generates new unique article for me.

Also recently I came across this free website that automatically generates spin-ready articles. While it’s MUCH faster than my manual way I described in this post, the quality of unique versions was awful simply because no machine can understand the sense of the sentence and make it human-readable.

If you’ve tried other article writing and spinning methods – please tell me in the comment section. I really appreciate your thoughts.

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