3 Free Tools to Get Backlinks with Social Bookmarking

by Galyna on November 16, 2011

This a list of free tools to get backlinks with social bookmarking.

1. SocialMonkee
SocialMonkee allows you to add 25 inbound links every day for one webpage. Premium version allows to add 100 backlinks for up to 3 links everyday. That is 300 social bookmarks every day. Bookmarks distributed to their own bookmarking sites network and does not require to register on any these sites. You’ll need just one account – at SocialMonkee

2. IMAutomator – free version will give you 15 bookmarks everyday. You will be able to spread your submissions over time, and you choose the schedule.

3. SocialADR allows you to use service for free if you are willing to share other’s people bookmarks as well.

To use it for free you will require to sign-up with as many social bookmarking services as you will and start sharing bookmarks. For sharing you are given credits (Free members earn 0.2 credits per successful submission) that you can use to share your own links. Also you can pay a fee as low as $7 to get 100 credits instantly. Or subscribe to one of monthly plans as low as $17 (you’ll be given 420 credits. 1 credit=1 bookmark)

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