How to Link Google Adsense with Analytics

by Galyna on March 27, 2012

When I decided to connect my Adsense account to Analytics I started to look for a button that I can click and do that. It appeared that it is not easy to find and step by step tutorial either. So I wrote one.

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  Benefits of connecting Google Analytics and Adsense accounts

  • You’ll be able see what pages are getting more Adsense clicks and what your CPC and CTR are
  • What type of traffic converts better: search traffic, referral traffic, or direct traffic
  • You will be able to see what sources of referral traffic converts better

Step by step instructions

1. Log-in to your Google Analytics account. I assume you already have Analytics on your sites.

2. Click  “Old version link” in top right corner.

3. Find the site your want to connect with Adsense.

4. Click “Edit”.

5. There you’ll see a dashboard “Main Website Profile Information” where is should say “AdSense Data:     Not receiving AdSense data”.

(even if it says that you do receive AdSense data but you actually don’t) – proceed to the next step anyway.

6. Click “Edit” for “Main Website Profile Information”.

7. Put a check mark for “Yes, this profile should receive AdSense data”.

8. Copy given HTML code and click “Save changes”.

9. Incert the code to header.php of your WordPress site, before </head> tag and save .

(You should backup header.php just in case something goes wrong).

10. Give Analytics at least 24 hours to start populating the report with useful data.

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