How to Make Money on Craigslist

by Galyna on September 28, 2011

Searching for last minutes tickets to a football game for my husband, I googled and discovered that tickets are sold out on the official website of a stadium and all resellers are selling tickets for at least $100 each. Ouch!

So I went to hoping somebody is selling tickets there, less expensive than 100 bucks each.

What I found out is that prices were even higher on Craigslist. But what was interesting to me is that many postings had links to different websites where they offer to purchase tickets there.

Another interesting thing I’ve notice is that all tickets sold on hundreds of websites seems to sell from the same database. I’d think that there is some kind of tickets reselling affiliate program where they all drawn info from.

And if they are affiliates – they are making money on Craigslist reselling tickets online!

So what they do is they post their affiliate link to Craigslist hoping people will buy from their link and they’ll make commission.

It’s actually a very smart way to promote your affiliate product on Craigslist because people go to Craigslist when they are really ready to buy something. They are PERFECT target!

Well, let’s think, what other online and offline products could be sold on Craigslist…

1. Tickets (sport events, music concerts, cruise tickets, hotel deals)

2. eBooks (I’m not sure not effective it is, but it can be done)

3. Website Building services (you can either do it yourself or outsource, or even post an affiliate link to online website building service)

4. Sell other people’s stuff (buy from others, clean out the dust and resell or find a buyer first and offer him a product. Think boats, cars, realty).

What ideas on how to make money on Craigslist do you have?

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