Niche Websites on Steroids

by Galyna on September 26, 2011

What is Niche Website on Steroids? 

I divide niche websites to two types:

First type is a simple MFA website (made-for-AdSense) that often consist only one  landing page and have ugly design. I call such websites Simple Niche Site.

Second type is a website that looks much more complex and professional, have nice design, more than 10 pages and other features that simple niche website does not have. I call such websites Niche Website on Steroids. They also called “authority niche websites”.

Example of Simple Niche Website:

Simple Niche Website



Example of Niche Website of Steroids:

Niche Website on Steroids

Site above is by Pat Flynn 


Important Tip


They both have the same goal in common – to make money with AdSense.

The  difference is that Niche Website on Steroids will can eventually make much more money with AdSense and not only.

Create Niche website on steroids

7 WordPress plugins for Niche website on steroids

Niche Website on Steroids: my experiment

Other resources to create niche website of steroids:

Free magazine style WordPress themes

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