Niche Websites Examples

by Galyna on October 1, 2011

While researching niche websites, very often I come across niche websites with exact keyword domain name that rank on the first page of Google.

I will post those websites in this article so you can take a look and see yourself, how niche websites look alike.

Electric Fry Pans – this one is optimized for Amazon and the author decided to post a link to his own website. He happend to be successful affiliate Matt Carter.

This one is another MFA, simple niche website: 
Crappy and useless, spunned nonsense content, still is #3 in Google. This shows how important exact match domain is for ranking in Google. I don’t know thought why the owner decided to list all of (apparently) his niche domains on one page
I checked few of them and some rank #1 for the exact keyword match.

For example, ranks #1 for “portable table saw reviews” which gets 480 monthly searches and 82 advertisers targeting this keyword (nice!). Average AdSense CPC is not so high though – $0.57. BUT that website optimized not for AdSense but for Amazon – referring people to buy table saws with affiliate links. Payout is much higher! Smart!

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