October 13, 2011 Panda Update – Google Traffic Dropped 80%

by Galyna on October 17, 2011

Google has released another Panda Update they called “mini”. This Panda Update affected approximately 10% of all websites (that is over 18 million websites). Not so mini, ha?

Ok, I got a problem… 2 of my websites that had decent traffic got slapped by Google. It happened overnight on October 13.
I just found out that it was “mini” Panda update. It was confirmed by Matt Cutts on his Twitter.

Matt Cutts Tweet about Google Panda Update

Google has changed it’s algorithms and it affected me badly…

Does this Panda Update affected your websites?

Never thought it would happen to me. As I heard before, Panda Updates were targeting mainly large websites that was posting thousands of articles every day. Mine was not like that at all!

Mine are very small websites nothing to compare with Hubpages and eHow. I’m such a small player…

Because Google never tells in advance (or even after) they do their algo changes, people just have to guessing. (The only mention is Matt Cutt’s Twitter response. Really? U serious?)

Google Panda Update, October 13

So here is the pattern of October, 13 Panda Update, according to SEO and IM guys who’s websites had been affected.

Here is my post about previous Panda Updates

10% of websites were affected (Do you really call it “minor”, Google?)
– Traffic drop for those who affected is 80% decrease. Most of webmasters complain about decrease of course, although some talk about increase
– The gap between small and large sites widened (large sites get placed higher in SERPs than they used to)
Long-tail keywords lost traffic but not “main” keyword terms. Most sites are seeing a major drop in primary and long-tail rankings, replaced by large players and spam
– Spammy websites that scrap the content from other websites got higher in rankings than originals. Many many webmasters have noticed that irrelevant and spam pages now above them (Bad, Google!)
– Branded websites has not been affected

Here is what people are discussing about this Panda Update:
webmasterworld forum
warrior forum

This a thread where Google is ready to listen to you if you think that your rankings drop was unfair:
Tell Google that your ranking has suddenly changed

Some words of inspiration from by Aaaron Wall from SEOBook who got hit by Panda on 22nd of October

Google explains how they decide whether to change their algorithms
Notice how they mention that they are not able to make their algorithm perfect… sadly…

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1 Taylor 10.18.11 at 1:46 am

One of my friends was getting 2,000 unique views a day and yesterday, he only received 300 unique views.

I usually get about 900 unique views a day, and today, I am only sitting at 400 unique views.

Meanwhile, one of my trash sites (I call it trash because I used all profile backlinks and just restated information I obtained from around the web) went from about 5 visitors a day, to 80 views a day, and back down to 5 views a day all in the past 4 days.

Because of the continuous adjustments, this tells me Google is still working out some problems. Hopefully, these problems are adjusted soon.

2 Galyna 10.18.11 at 5:53 pm

Hi Taylor, thank you for your respond!
I heard about that thing with traffic changes, that you experienced. Lots
of webmasters say that they had the same stuff just few days before Panda 2.6 happened. They call it throttling.

That is when Google is testing out new algorithms before they implement it to the search, first they test it by showing two different versions of a search results to users. (One with algorithm and another without).

I guess we can make a conclusion, that when throttling is happening – wait troubles from Google. That’s like a lightning before thunder…

3 Akshat 10.22.11 at 1:57 pm

i am down from 3k visitor to merely 500 visitors per day. This Sucks. Google SUCKSSS!!

4 Gabi 06.25.12 at 12:53 pm

Unfortunately, the minor update caused major drop in my website’s traffic. Oh, wait a minute, it’s not my traffic and not my revenue, it’s all Google’s. Google, thank you for ruining my work of 5 years and replacing my site in SERP with spammy presells and doubtfully high quality magazine articles. Unfortunately, Google is getting worse and worse everyday. You can’t contact them directly, you don’t know what your website was penalized for, and in the end, you don’t know what to do to recover.

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