Selling on Sears Marketplace: Setting Up New Account

by Galyna on February 16, 2015

About Sears Marketplace for sellers: 


$39.99 monthly fee will be waived if your sales do not reach $400 for the month. If you use their fulfillment services, you pay $39.99 monthly and that includes monthly selling fee. Other fees are monthly storage fees of $0.45-$0.60/cubic foot and various fulfillment fees.

Sears VS Amazon:

Sears Marketplace program is a lot like Amazon Seller program. They also offer fulfillment services with fees and procedure very similar to Amazon FBA.

The registration process is a bit longer and more complicated than with Amazon but still not too bad.



There are few steps to follow to open new account.

sears new account steps

How To Register New Account to Sell on Sears Marketplace

1. To register with Sears marketplace go here
2. If you chose to use Sears fulfillment services you will have to create an account with UPS.
2a. Register UPS account Seller Registration for 3rd Party Billing with UPS
2b. After you’ve registered with UPS, you will need to create an Account Number that you are required to enter to Sears.
Go here to create UPS account

After you’ve done it, you will see a screen with your account number.
New ups account screenshot

3. Now go to UPS/ My Account tab to connect your new account.

4. Add your new account # to Sears.

sears and ups

5. On the Logistics screen you will be prompted to choose

Because this is new for me I selected 30 items and smallest storage of 200 cubic feet.

sears logistics

6. Next steps are Logistics, Customer Service info and Billing info.  The instructions here are pretty good, so just follow on and keep filling out the fields.

7. Once you are done you will be taken to the screen that says “Current Situation: Application Submitted – Awaiting Review.Your account will be reviewed in 2-3 business days. You will receive a notification of your status after initial review.”

sears done





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