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Five Ways How to Make Money Traveling

by Galyna on November 13, 2010

Consider these five ways for funding a life on the road, to make money online and travel:
1. Travel Writer
Writing for online or offline publications can help you earn money while traveling.
You can write
– Hotels reviews for travel publications
– For magazines and newspapers
– Guidebooks such as Lonely Planet
– Advertising texts for corporations
– For sites that buy content (Like Expedia, Travelocity, and others. They can hire freelancers

2. Sell photos online
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Make Money from Blogging

by Galyna on November 12, 2010

You can make money blogging on the Internet. There are several ways to do this. To make money from your own blog, – you have to have a good traffic. In order to have a good traffic and make a leaving out of blogging or at least make decent income, your blog should be interested to a lot of people. You should choose popular but not too competitive subject to blog about. For example, blogging about computers in general is too competitive. You will unlikely be able to rich the first page of search engine results and people will not likely to find your site. But you can choose blogging about new software for computers and get into that specific niche.
And the last about the niche, but not least, the subject you are blogging about should have its advertisers. Those are companies who should be glad to place their ads on your blog because it will bring them new customers.
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