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New Google Panda Update 2011

by Galyna on March 5, 2011

New Google Algorithm so called Panda Update 2011 is hurting Content Farms and freelancers.

Google’s recent changes to its algorithm have already started chipping away at the content farms. Since changes were made at the end of February, 2011, the websites that put out a lot of content on many subjects are losing visibility and ranking in the Google Search results.

Content Farm is the term that describes a company that employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content (articles, how-to, blog posts) which is designed drive more traffic of search engines.

Here are the bad news, good news and “who knows” news for those who make money on the Internet

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Getting to the Top of Google Tips: SEO Basics

by Galyna on January 22, 2011

Google search engine accounting for 65% of more that 15 billion searches in the US. The essential goal of the every website is to be shown up at the at least TOP 10 results in Google.

Time to time Google is changing and improving it’s ranking system. Some tips stays the same each time but some are new. [click to continue…]


Google History

by Galyna on November 14, 2010

Lets take a look at the history of Google Inc, the most successful search engine in the world and one of the TOP companies. The company that opened whole new opportunities to people that would like to make money on Internet.
Here is the Google ‘ s History. The story of success.

The world’s largest Internet company and widely used web-based search engine started 14 years ago in March 1996. History of Google started as a college student’s project. [click to continue…]

The Secret of Google Loco

by Galyna on November 13, 2010

In this post you will find out how to make money online using Google AdSense search program. As a great example of how to effectively use Google AdSense search to make money online from your web-site, let’s take a look at the Google Loco ( website. Google Loco is the first website in google search “Google Loco” [click to continue…]


How to Make Money from Google

by Galyna on November 10, 2010

Google is Number One Internet Search Engine and one of the most successful companies in the world. Their stock value keeps growing even in these tough for economy times. So you wonder how does Google make money and how you can make money from Google?
You don’t have to be tech savvy to know that Google has much more to offer to the market then just Search Engine Services.
The list of Google products includes all major desktop, mobile and online products released or acquired by Google Inc.  Google owns famous web products like YouTube and Gmail and cell-phone software Android. However this is not how does Google make money. The most of the money Google is making throw advertising on the Internet.
Advertising allows Google to make its profits off its sites and other sites that participate in Google’s advertising schemes.
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