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October 13, 2011 Panda Update – Google Traffic Dropped 80%

by Galyna on October 17, 2011

Google has released another Panda Update they called “mini”. This Panda Update affected approximately 10% of all websites (that is over 18 million websites). Not so mini, ha?

Ok, I got a problem… 2 of my websites that had decent traffic got slapped by Google. It happened overnight on October 13.
I just found out that it was “mini” Panda update. It was confirmed by Matt Cutts on his Twitter.

Matt Cutts Tweet about Google Panda Update

Google has changed it’s algorithms and it affected me badly…

Does this Panda Update affected your websites?
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Google Panda Update 2.5: September 28, 2011

by Galyna on October 2, 2011

Google released another Panda Update

Google keeps tweaking it’s algorithm, and another Google Panda Update was released at the end of September 2011.

Panda Updates has the goal to give users better quality search results, by lowering the rank of so called Content Farms. Content Farms are website with lot of content, often user generated. Content Farms usually produce thousands of webpages each day. Which makes Google doubt the quality of these webpages.

Websites that got hit by Panda Update saw huge traffic decrease up to 93%. [click to continue…]