When to Tweet to Make Money on Twitter

by Galyna on January 2, 2011

What is the best time to reach the most Twitter users?

If you are using tweeter to make money on the Internet, you probably already put some thoughts into 140 symbols to make your message more effective and attract more visitors to your web-site.

But if you are really serious about that, you also should pay attention to other factors that make sure that your message is effective and not simply being ignored.

There are certain times when it’s best to reach particular types of people on Twitter.
The time of the day that tweets are published should be determined by the industry, job function, time zone, age and occupancy of the target audience.

Large companies’ employees tend to check tweets before work, at lunch time, and in the evening.
Self-employed professionals and free-lancers tend to check Twitter more consistently throughout the day. Consumers in general tend to scan Twitter later in the evening within their time zone.

The “active life” of a tweet is about 8 to 10 minutes.
The most visible page of Twitter is a home page. If you want your tweet to be visible to as many eyes as it is possible, use these tips to reach out the biggest crowd.
Targeting your audience at the right time with the right tweets is the key to success on using Twitter to make money online.

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