Who to Follow on Twitter to Be Aware of Updates from Google

by Galyna on October 20, 2011

Twitter accounts every Internet Marketer MUST-Follow

If you have to do anything with Search Engine Optimization and/or making money on Internet, you should follow Google on Twitter. Google has dozens of official Twitter accounts for almost any service they have.
This is the list of Official Google’s Twitter accounts that post news and updates related to SEO, SEM and other Internet Marketing related news.

Official Google Twitter accounts to follow


@google  – general updates from Google  http://www.google.com/support/

@googleanalytics is an official Twitter account of Google Analytics team


AdSense updates on Twitter@AdSense – news and updates from AdSense


Google AdWords news - account on Twitter@adwords is the official channel for info & updates from the Google AdWords team.


Google Web Team@GoogleWebTeam The latest news from the Google Webmaster Team. Updates about our projects, web standards, and advice for webmasters, web designers and web developers.

Google Webmasters on Twitter@googlewmc  Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.

Google Employees to Follow on Twitter

Following only official Twitter channels of Google is not enough. The way everybody found out about Panda Update (October, 13) is from tiny little tweet from Matt Cutts, where he confirmed they they’ve just changed algorithms.

There are more than 25 000 employees around the world that officially work for Google. However only very few of them are tweeting about anything related to their job. Apparently there are only some people who allow to represent Google Inc. on Twitter and make any Google related comments.

This is a hand- picked list of Google employees you should follow on Twitter.


@mattcutts Matt Cutts is a  head of the webspam team since 2000. Google Web Spam Team is the guys you should follow on Twitter for sure. Those are people who are deciding the destiny of your website. If they’ll decide your website is a spam – you’re done.

@theamitsinghalAmit Singhal is the head of Google’s core ranking team.

@kas_tweets Kaspar Szymanski works for Google Web Spam team.

@pierrefar Pierre Far is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

@JohnMu – John Mueller is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.


People who somehow connected to Google

@rustybrick is on advisory board for Google

Twitter directory for all Google services including API for developers, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Images. As well as Google Twitter accounts from different countries.

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Please leave your comments with other Twitter accounts you suggest to follow.

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