Can I Change Font of My AdSense Ads

by Galyna on September 22, 2011

Webmasters can choose from 3 different fonts of text AdSense ads – Arial, Times Roman and Verdana, or continue with the “Standard Adsense font family”. Also you can choose font size – small, medium or large.

Change AdSense Default Font

Want to change the look of your AdSense even further?

Time to time you probably come across websites that have AdSense ads that don’t look like standard AdSense blocks with ads at all! They have different font size and font type. Often headlines are much bigger than the biggest default AdSense font.
They look magical too me as they truly blend in with website design making CPR sky high and help to make more money online.
Just take a look at the screenshot below! Ads are pops up!

Change Fonts of AdSense Ads

So, can I change the fonts of my AdSense ads?

The answer is:

You CAN NOT further change AdSense ads font LEGALLY unless you have Google AdSense Premium Account.
Premium AdSense account can be obtained if your website receives more than 5 million searches or 20 million content page views monthly. This way Google helps people who make tons of money with AdSense to make even more. A bit sad, ha?

Of course you can find articles with tricks on how to change AdSense fonts  all over the Internet. But be aware that this is illegal tactic.

The way they advise you to change fonts is by changing the AdSense code (code that Google gives you to copy and paste to site where you want ads to show up).

Rules about changing fontsEditing AdSense code is prohibited by Google and can get your AdSense account banned.



I want to warn you that this method is prohibited by Google AdSense user agreement and can get your AdSense account banned. The only “white method” you can change AdSense fonts is through Webmaster area…

Until you have a Premium AdSense account, you have to tweak your website’s fonts to make them look more like AdSense ads if that’s your intention.

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