Come in, AdSense Robot: How to Make Ads More Relevant

by Galyna on February 10, 2012

Today I’ve received a letter from AdSense team with suggestions that can increase the relevancy of my AdSense ads.
They’ve detected “large number of failed ad crawls” on one of my niche websites and suggested to make some changes in Robots txt.

They recommended to add the following line to my robots.txt so AdSense robots can crawl my pages better.

“To fix this, you’ll need to edit your robots.txt file to allow our AdSense crawler by adding these two lines to the very top.”

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

As the letter say: “Adding these two lines to your robots.txt file will simply deliver better, more relevant ads to pages with AdSense code already on them. Pages that don’t have AdSense ad code will not be affected.”

So I did. Also I decided to check if I have other crawling problems on other websites. This can be checked here. So I checked and decided to add the same line to another website as well.

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