How to Make Money from Google

by Galyna on November 10, 2010

Google is Number One Internet Search Engine and one of the most successful companies in the world. Their stock value keeps growing even in these tough for economy times. So you wonder how does Google make money and how you can make money from Google?
You don’t have to be tech savvy to know that Google has much more to offer to the market then just Search Engine Services.
The list of Google products includes all major desktop, mobile and online products released or acquired by Google Inc.  Google owns famous web products like YouTube and Gmail and cell-phone software Android. However this is not how does Google make money. The most of the money Google is making throw advertising on the Internet.
Advertising allows Google to make its profits off its sites and other sites that participate in Google’s advertising schemes.

You may notice that when you perform a search in Google, sponsored links appear on the top and the right side of the search results. These are advertisers that make a business agreement with Google in order to get their ads displayed alongside the results of the particular searches.

If you are a sign making company in Miami you want your customers do business with you and would like to stand aside from your competitors. You would like when people are googling “Make sign Miami” – they would come to your web-site. This is when you use Google AdWords to make your web-site appear upfront in search. You are making agreement with Google that every time when people are entering your web-site that they found upfront the search, you will pay money to Google for every click to your web-site.

Large corporations and small companies are ready to pay big amounts of money to stay visible on the Internet. If you are web-site owner you can take advantage of it. With Google Adsense program you can place contextually relevant ad on you web-site and make money when people are clicking to these ads.

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