Three Ideas How to Make Money with YouTube

by Galyna on November 10, 2010

If you are creative and have a lot of good ideas that might be interesting to public, try to make money with YouTube. Here are three ideas how you can make money with #1 video-sharing web-site and #2 website on the entire Internet.

Idea 1. Send traffic to your web-site or blog with YouTube

Idea 2. Promote other web-sites or sell affiliate products

Idea 3. Make money with YouTube’s partner program


Idea 1. Send traffic to your web-site or blog with YouTube

YouTube is a valuable traffic source. With a good work put into your video you may be surprised to find out that YouTube became your #1 traffic source. It can drive both referral, direct and organic search traffic on the site.  So go ahead! Create an interesting video and post it on YouTube.

There are few ways to place information about your web-site into your YouTube video.

1) Place your web-site domain and niche keywords that will drive traffic to your video into description of the video using the YouTube Annotations tool.

2) Place your website domain into your actual video using video editing software.

3) Add your web-site address to description of your channel.

4) Use pop-up overlays option Call-To-Action (CTA) ads that will appear on the video.

5) Go ahead and ask viewers to go to your web-site letting them know that there they will find more information on the subject.

Idea 2. Promote other web-sites or sell affiliate products.

Make video related the web-site you are promoting. Also you may make video reviews of products with an affiliate links leading to them. Look above at Idea 1 where for explanations how to effectively place web-site domain information into the video.

Idea 3. Make money with YouTube’s partner program

The YouTube Partner Program is for users who want to generate revenue from their existing audience. YouTube’s partner program now includes thousands of participants, from basement video makers to big media companies.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, places advertisements within and around the partner videos and splits the revenues with the creators. And hundreds of YouTube partners are making thousands of dollars a month.

YouTube partners have ability to show Google AdSense ads on the bottom of their videos and around them. It works the same way all context AdSense ads work – when people click on an ad – video owner make money for each click.

If you deciding to take part in the YouTube partnership program, remember to always upload your own content for copyright reasons. If the content is not your own, then the video will be declined by YouTube program.

In order to enter the program YouTube should approve your application. If it is not approved, you will not be able to apply to the program again for 2 months. As a result, only about 3 percent of the videos on the site are supported by advertising.

Another way to start making money on YouTube is to create a really cool video that will receive thousands of views withing first day of going live. In this case YouTube will email you with proposal to show AdSense ads on this particular video. You’ll just have to agree or disagree.

How to make a video for YouTube

It is not necessarily to be an actor or celebrity to create an interesting video for YouTube. There is even no need for you to show up on this video. You can create a slide show using video editing software.

Also you can use live actors to create a video. Find them at free-lance sites throughout the Internet. Prices for a short video are range from five dollars to thousands depends on experience of an actor.

If you still would like to become an Internet YouTube sensation and make your living out of it, all you need to make a video is a good camera and a backdrop.

To learn more about how to make money with YouTube we recommend:

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