New Google Panda Update 2011

by Galyna on March 5, 2011

New Google Algorithm so called Panda Update 2011 is hurting Content Farms and freelancers.

Google’s recent changes to its algorithm have already started chipping away at the content farms. Since changes were made at the end of February, 2011, the websites that put out a lot of content on many subjects are losing visibility and ranking in the Google Search results.

Content Farm is the term that describes a company that employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content (articles, how-to, blog posts) which is designed drive more traffic of search engines.

Here are the bad news, good news and “who knows” news for those who make money on the Internet

BAD NEWS if you are making money online:

• If you were making money on the Internet, writing for other sites, and your profit was depending on the amount of traffic you are getting to your article, it’s a bad news for you.
• If you were getting traffic to your main blogs from Ezine Articles etc – you likely lost the traffic
• If you are a content farm owner, you could see that your traffic and profits already went south.

Loses for Content Farms:
• Suite101, one of the more prominent content farms on the web, lost 94 percent visibility according to the results from Sistrix company. Also according to, it’s traffic is down 19 percent since Google’s changes.
• Mahalo has lost 84 percent visibility and more than 70 percent of its keywords. The other keywords can be found on pages 8th, 9th and more of the search results. As a result of this, Mahalo had to let go 10 percent of employees.
• Other giant web-sites that lost it’s visibility are, and, which all lost over 90 percent keyword visibility. Meanwhile, it’s not just those traditional content farms have been impacted, be also some other big multi-users blogs.

GOOD NEWS if you are making money online:

• One of the good news is that now smaller blogs and websites that was targeting for the same keywords as large content farms, will gain visibility in Google search results. In fact I can see that is happening already.
• From all of the main content farms, site has actually gained visibility.

OTHER news if you are making money online:

• Google is still playing with it’s new algorithm and those sites who have been affected, are trying to talk Google into giving them a break. For example Hubpages is trying to prove Google that “(they).. are not a content farm”

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